The Importance of Managed Services for Web Hosting in 6 Points

That's it: you've bought your domain name from your Moroccan hosting provider, with your company address, installed WordPress, populated your site with content and images... You can rest easy! 

Think again, and quickly!

Were you planning to take care of the outsourcing of your web infrastructure yourself?

If so, let us remind you that you're certainly not a good manager! 

Offended? We prefer to tell you a truth that might upset you. A good manager is good precisely because they know how to manage the resources at their disposal, both human and material. 

Today, we're talking about the importance of outsourcing done right.

Managed services: the key to success for any web project

This is even more accurate if you have a large company. Managed services are a crucial point in the life of any company wishing to break into the market and secure its place among the big players.

A large company implies big goals, significant resources, great ambitions, and, above all, high revenues. A given company succeeds because it is well-organized in terms of its human resources chart.

As a Moroccan entrepreneur or business owner, you should ensure the longevity of your web infrastructure in two ways:

  • Hiring a good team of technicians immersed in your company's culture;
  • Contracting with an external provider known for its reliability, which will help lighten your burden.

What is managed services?

Managed services are part of various IT outsourcing processes, which involve entrusting all or part of a client's information system (IS) to a specialized provider responsible for managing the IT infrastructure.

This action is subject to a specific and clear contract between the two parties (client and provider) and must be carried out over time rather than sporadically. 

Benefits of managed services for a company

A company should consider managed services for three (3) main reasons:

Reducing IT costs: 

Studies show that companies opting for managed services save between 10% and 15% on their IT budgets.

Focusing on the "core business": 

The primary role of a business owner is to implement their strategy to make more money without worrying about the tools and material resources at their disposal. Using an external specialist provider allows the company to focus on developing new activities and/or streamlining existing ones. This also saves time, money, and offers greater flexibility.

Better flexibility in the face of changes in the company's activity: 

Organizational changes, the scope of activity, and restructuring are all changes that quickly make an impact. Using a provider with an external perspective contributes to controlling (especially costs) the technological evolution within the company, as well as productivity and service quality.

Managed services are contract-based

Managed services refer to when a company entrusts the management, optimization, operation, and security of its website to a given service provider. In other words, the company signs a contract with the provider who must ensure the proper functioning of its IT system; and this includes any additional services that may be involved.

Contact us for more information on our managed services contracts.

Small and medium-sized businesses will opt for shared servers, shared between several firms. This way, costs are low, and the performance delivered is sufficient to handle the reduced traffic generally experienced by this type of site. On the other hand, if your company is large and your site needs to handle a lot of traffic, dedicated servers are the best choice, even if they are more expensive. It's vital that you choose the right architecture for your platform from the outset, to ensure optimal growth. It's also important to choose a good outsourcing service provider.

How to choose a good managed services provider in Morocco?

We are talking here about server management, not the entire information system of a given company. 

A managed services provider must necessarily provide the following services to maintain the proper functioning of its clients' servers:

  • Stop / Start / Restart
  • System reinstallation
  • Ticket support
  • Root server access
  • Basic diagnostics
  • Phone support (The more prioritized, the better!)
  • Monthly intervention
  • Server intervention
  • Initial server security
  • Security updates
  • Data migration
  • Standard services monitoring
  • Automatic alerts
  • IP address monitoring
  • Custom services monitoring
  • Software updates
  • Performance optimization
  • Intervention report

Why choose a managed services provider like Nindohost?

Here are the key points, based on our humble experience, to help a client have peace of mind regarding the outsourced management of their servers:

A qualified team

Human resources with extensive experience must be provided. NindoHost's Managed Services team is made up of qualified engineers and system administrators with over 10 years of server management experience.

Proactive managed services

A reliable provider does not wait for its clients' servers to break down: it closely monitors them and anticipates any potential anomalies. NindoHost puts the well-known adage into practice: Prevention is better than cure! 

But in case of problems, curative managed services are also implemented to remedy technological setbacks.

Mastery of tools

Since a company is not a static structure but an evolving one, a managed services provider knows how to adapt its solutions and adjust its configurations according to the client's needs for better service.

Continuous monitoring

As a respected managed services provider, Nindohost continuously adapts its solutions to offer its clients the safest and most efficient tools on the market. In this regard, a client must demand reporting and supervision tools, accessible from a unique and secure web interface to monitor the progress of their managed infrastructures. 

Always available support

One detail that is no longer up for debate when choosing a managed services provider: 24/7 support accessible by email and phone, ready to assist its customers.

The best value for money

Nindohost excels in this specific point thanks to a well-studied pricing grid. Nindohost clients are entitled to high-quality services and excellent quality at prices suitable for all budgets.

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