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In Morocco, the cloud is becoming increasingly popular with businesses and individuals. The Moroccan government has also announced its commitment to developing the cloud industry in the country by launching initiatives to improve telecommunications infrastructure and facilitate broadband Internet access.

Our Cloud solutions in Morocco at Nindohost

With Nindohost we offer a complete range of cloud solutions in Morocco to meet the specific needs of each company. We provide dedicated servers for companies that need exclusive computing resources and/or total control over their infrastructure, as well as VPS for companies that want to benefit from the robustness of a server but at a reduced cost.

Our cloud solutions also include scalable storage for your data to keep it safe, control panels to help manage your infrastructure, and management applications to help you manage your projects more efficiently. We also offer domain-based messaging solutions for efficient workspace and security tools to ensure your data is protected, such as anti-spam.

We understand that setting up your company's infrastructure can be a complex and time-consuming task, which is why we offer a complete configuration and maintenance service for your package. In fact, we take care of setting up your instance, configuring the software, and maintaining and managing your space as needed.

Cloud solution in Morocco tailored to your business

If you are looking for a customized cloud solution in Morocco for your company, Nindohost has enough experience in this field to offer customized solutions for Moroccan companies, thanks to its reliable and advanced technical infrastructure. Indeed, we have local and foreign datacenters that allow high availability of services, low latency and high speed internet connection for users. In addition, our extensive technical expertise allows us to offer simplified management of IT resources, providing centralized administration and proactive monitoring of services to ensure their continuous availability and security.

In terms of storage, Nindohost offers highly resilient SSD drives with scalable and secure usage to meet the needs of every entity. We also offer a backup option to protect your company's data in case of loss or failure.

Why choose Cloud in Morocco?

Morocco is an ideal destination for cloud computing, as it offers a multitude of advantages. With its reliable facilities and high-speed internet access, Morocco is the ideal place for businesses to make the most of cloud solutions. In addition, it offers favorable tax rates and low labor costs, making it an attractive location for companies to set up their Moroccan cloud operations. There are also several cloud service providers based in Morocco, such as OVHcloud.

To this end, many large Moroccan entities have begun to migrate their IT systems to the cloud to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of their operations, thus ensuring foolproof data security and optimal confidentiality of their information based on local data centers.

And thanks to its geopolitical stability and good relations with the Middle East, the US, Africa and Europe, the Kingdom is well positioned to benefit from the growth of the cloud services market.

Choose a Cloud solution at the best price

Nindohost offers Cloud solutions in Morocco at competitive prices, while guaranteeing exceptional quality of service. We offer packages tailored to each company to meet their specific and evolving needs in terms of storage, security, performance and bandwidth. Opting for our services means opting for a cloud solution at the best price, in addition to a smooth user experience and optimal protection of your data.

Get 24/7 support for your Cloud

The support offered by Nindohost is one of its strong points. Indeed, its team of competent and friendly experts is available 24/7 to assist its customers in solving all problems related to their cloud solution. Their support is fast, efficient and they are always available to answer your questions and provide you with solutions at any time. You can rest assured that in the event of a problem, a team of experts will always be at your disposal to help you solve the problem quickly.

In addition to being available 24/7, Nindohost's support is comprehensive and covers all aspects of their cloud solution. Whether it's installation, configuration or maintenance, our knowledgeable team is available to assist you every step of the way. We also provide guidance to help our customers maximize the use of their cloud, which can help them realize cost savings and increase productivity.

Our Cloud server offers

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Server CPU RAM Storage Datacenter Price
VPS 1 EU 149 DH excl. tax/month CPU1 vCPU RAM2 GB Storage 20 GB SSD DatacenterDE 149 DH/month Order
VPS 2 EU 249 DH excl. tax/month CPU2 vCPU RAM4 GB Storage40 GB SSD DatacenterDE 249 DH/month Order
VPS 3 EU 349 DH excl. tax/month CPU2 vCPU RAM8 GB Storage80 GB SSD DatacenterDE 349 DH/month Order
VPS 4 EU 499 DH excl. tax/month CPU4 vCPU RAM16 GB Storage160 GB SSD DatacenterDE 499 DH/month Order
VPS 5 EU 899 DH excl. tax/month CPU8 vCPU RAM32 GB Storage240 GB SSD DatacenterDE 899 DH/month Order
VPS 1 MA - CPU1 vCPU RAM2 GB Storage50 GB SSD DatacenterMA - Request a quote
VPS 2 MA - CPU2 vCPU RAM4 GB Storage100 GB SSD DatacenterMA - Request a quote
VPS 3 MA - CPU2 vCPU RAM8 GB Storage100 GB SSD DatacenterMA - Request a quote
VPS 4 MA - CPU4 vCPU RAM8 GB Storage150 GB SSD DatacenterMA - Request a quote
VPS 5 MA - CPU8 vCPU RAM16 GB Storage 200 GB SSD DatacenterMA - Request a quote
Server CPU RAM Storage Snapshots Datacenter Price
VPS 1 Windows 349 DH excl. tax/month CPU4 vCPU RAM8 GB Storage 200 GB SSD Snapshots1 Snapshot DatacenterDE 349 DH/month Order
VPS 2 Windows 549 DH excl. tax/month CPU6 vCPU RAM16 GB Storage400 GB SSD Snapshots2 Snapshots DatacenterDE 549 DH/month Order
VPS 3 Windows 899 DH excl. tax/month CPU8 vCPU RAM30 GB Storage800 GB SSD Snapshots3 Snapshots DatacenterDE 899 DH/month Order
VPS 4 Windows 1399 DH excl. tax/month CPU10 vCPU RAM60 GB Storage1600 GB SSD Snapshots4 Snapshots DatacenterDE 1399 DH/month Order

Features of our virtual servers

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No more fear of losing your data - automate backups on remote servers with instant restoration now.

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Cloud FAQs

Cloud is a technology for storing, processing and sharing data on remote servers via the Internet. It allows users to access data and applications from anywhere at any time.

The cloud works by storing data on remote servers rather than on a local computer. Users can access this data via the Internet, using login credentials.

Cloud offers several benefits, including reduced costs, greater flexibility and scalability, maximum data protection, automatic data backup and accessibility from any location and/or device at any time.

Data migration to the cloud is a multi-step process at Nindohost. First, a comprehensive assessment of business needs and requirements is performed to determine the best configuration solutions. Then, a migration strategy is developed, taking into account objectives, timelines and costs.

Once the migration strategy is established, the preparation phase begins. This includes setting up security and storage configurations, as well as checking the compatibility of existing applications with the cloud. The next phase is the actual migration of data to the cloud, which is done with specialized tools to ensure a smooth transition.

Finally, once the migration is complete, a test period is performed to ensure that everything is working properly.

Data stored in the cloud is protected by rigorous security protocols, such as encryption, firewalls, network segmentation, two-factor authentication and granular access controls.

As for encryption, data is encrypted before it is stored on Nindohost's cloud servers, and it remains encrypted during storage, transfer and use. Encryption ensures that data is protected from hacking attacks and unauthorized interception.

Firewalls are installed on cloud servers to prevent unauthorized access to data. They are configured to block all connection attempts from suspicious sources and to protect data from malware and hacker attacks.

Network segmentation is another important protection measure that is implemented at Nindohost. It allows the network to be divided into separate subnets, each with its own level of security and access. This ensures that data is accessible only to authorized individuals, and that critical data is protected from breach.

In addition, Nindohost uses two-factor authentication to enhance the security of user accounts. This requires a second form of authentication, such as a code sent via SMS, to access user accounts. This ensures that only authorized individuals can access data stored in the cloud.

Finally, granular access controls allow you to define specific access permissions for each user or group of users. This ensures that each user only has access to the data needed to perform their duties, and that sensitive data is protected from unauthorized access.

Backing up data in the cloud is a crucial step to ensure its protection and availability in case of loss or hardware failure. At Nindohost, backups are performed on a regular and automated basis to ensure maximum data protection.

Backups are therefore stored in remote and secure locations to prevent data loss due to natural disasters or other emergencies. They are also often replicated on multiple servers to ensure that they are available and accessible at all times.

Nindohost uses state-of-the-art backup technologies to ensure the integrity of the backed up data. Backup data is often encrypted before being stored on the backup server to ensure confidentiality. In addition, they are often verified to ensure that they are properly backed up and recoverable if needed.

In case of data loss, Nindohost uses a recovery procedure to restore it from the most recent backup. This ensures that the data is recovered in a timely manner and that the impact on the business is minimal.

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