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What is a migration?

Imagine moving from your current location to a new one, taking all your furniture and files with you. The same logic applies to a digital space, involving the transfer of your servers, websites, data, and applications from one hosting to another. However, this operation remains risk-free if performed correctly and by domain experts.

Why choose Nindohost for your data migration needs?

Website migration is a particularly delicate technical exercise requiring extreme diligence and can quickly turn into a disaster if not performed by knowledgeable experts.

If you don't know where to start, take no risks and let us handle your website transfer. With hundreds of migrations under our belt, our professionals will take care of it for you. The good news is that 99% of our migration services are free.

Make the best choice and entrust us with your data migration; your data will be in good hands.


We use only the latest generation servers, top-tier CPUs, high-voltage RAM specifications, and fast, reliable SSD drives. All the necessary components to perform a risk-free migration without interruptions, with agility and control, allowing you to execute complex scripts.


The network infrastructure powering our web hosting servers offers 99.9% availability. Data loss is not an option thanks to the full redundancy of your databases and files. It's no wonder our network availability ranks among the best in the market.


Rest assured! We prioritize high security and carefully update and secure the operating systems running on our servers. But we don't stop there! We continually analyze, review, and test our defense systems to ensure foolproof security for your data.

Priority support

What's the value of expertise without its application? At Nindohost, our migration experts and account managers are available 24/7 by email, phone, and chat, always ready to assist you. From configuration to migration, we provide reliable support throughout the process, ensuring seamless collaboration.

What our experts can do for you

Website migration
With the expertise of our migration professionals and the robustness of our machines, your website transfer is carried out smoothly! To begin, we thoroughly examine your site, carefully discern your needs, and conscientiously identify the suitable hosting.
Email migration

Email migration requires specific expertise and extreme vigilance to preserve all your data without losing a single bit!

Migrating your email to us is entirely risk-free and can only be an opportunity to improve your collaborative features. You'll migrate to an efficient and high-performing email system without any collateral damage!

Server migration

Email migration can be the most delicate of all! Don't attempt it without the support of domain professionals, or you may risk significant losses.

With years of experience, Nindohost guarantees a swift server migration without risks or service interruption.

Application migration
Don't sacrifice productivity or user experience if you ever consider migrating your application. Entrust it to us, and our domain experts will take care of it promptly and efficiently.

How to transfer your website to Nindohost?

Current account details

Confirm your current provider and the number of sites you wish to migrate. This will help us understand the type of migration we will manage for you.

Grant us access

Provide us with your current hosting account credentials (login URL, username, and password) to allow us to perform the migration directly for you.

Hosting requirements

Tell us if you already have web hosting with us or if you wish to purchase a new one. We will review your current account and suggest the best option.

Do you have a migration project in mind?
Want to talk about it?

Our experts will analyze your needs and propose the best solution to ensure a successful migration.

Don't worry about managing your server yourself and focus on your business. Entrust the management of your server to our super-system administrators, and don't worry about potential incidents because we don't wait for them to happen, we anticipate them!
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Migration FAQs

Our migration services are designed for clients wishing to transfer their data between different systems. To ensure a successful transition, contact us before starting the migration process. This allows our team to support you from the beginning to ensure a seamless process.

In most cases, we perform migrations without any service interruption, applicable to websites, applications, and email. In special cases where the source must be disconnected to maintain data consistency, we coordinate with you to schedule the interruption, providing all necessary details to inform your users and customers.

Absolutely! We adapt to your requirements and schedules.

We understand that migrating operational systems can be challenging while your users and customers are using them. That's why we can schedule our interventions during nights, weekends, or any other time that suits you. Our primary goal is to ensure a smooth transition.

No, and we are committed to that. No data loss is tolerated. That's why our migration processes include data consistency verification steps to ensure all your data is accurate and complete.

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