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Kickstart your journey to credibility and business success with our high-quality business email services – make every first impression count!

What makes a business email essential for your success?

Did you know that customers are 9 times more likely to choose a company with a professional email address than one with a free email service?

Regardless of your activity or the size of your company, having an email address with your company's suffix is more than essential these days; it's a must! Establish your legitimacy with the Nindohost email solution that best suits you. Your business and brand image will be strengthened!

What sets Nindohost apart as your email service provider?

Simply because our platforms bring together all the ingredients to help you achieve success! Powerful, responsive, and comprehensive, our different solutions provide access to the pinnacle of professionalism:

Our business email plans

Smart and scalable email solutions
Your email solution is definitely with us! Various plans and configurations suitable for all sizes of businesses and, above all, all budgets.

Just launched your project and seeking a professional communication platform? Look no further than our Nindomail solution.

A robust, flexible email system designed to meet your daily email demands and account needs!

Starting at 240 DH/year

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Do you want to structure your exchanges and need to equip your team with an efficient email solution?

Manage your contacts and calendar, store your data, organize your meetings, chat internally... Google Workspace plans provide you with all this and much more, at very competitive prices. Simple and efficient tools, brought together in a suite that works well on computers, phones, and tablets.

Starting at 799 DH/year

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Do you need an email service with the ability to open documents, spreadsheets, or presentations on the spot?

Our Microsoft 365 email plans are the perfect platform for you! Access your emails simultaneously via Outlook, the Office email tool, as well as all related applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint... Convenient, to say the least!

Starting at 799 DH/year

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Your email migration is seamless and free!

We transfer all your email from A to Z and without interruption to the email solution of your choice.

Benefits of our business email

Here's why your company needs a business email
Avoid having your emails end up in spam
Your business email reflects your professionalism and immediately grants spontaneous credibility to your company. Be aware that with free email services, your clients will always have doubts about your credibility. Moreover, your emails are highly likely to end up in spam.
Avoid going unnoticed
With your business email, you indirectly promote your company with an email address incorporating your domain name. Consequently, your contacts will spontaneously visit your website, as well as your colleagues'. Imagine the number of visits generated by this snowball effect!
Avoid being prey for spammers
By choosing a business email, you strengthen the security of your data by taking advantage of the numerous security features provided by the chosen solution. You will be protected against hacking, spam, and malware attacks.
Avoid being disorganized
Be more organized and increase productivity with a business email by multiplying exchanges thanks to the various services it offers, such as calendar sharing, task scheduling, centralization of contacts, shared folders, etc.
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Solutions that may interest you

Need a web hosting?

Whether you are a beginner, developer, web agency, high-traffic e-commerce site... You will quickly find your fit among our scalable hosting plans.

Starting at 299 DH/year

Need a domain name?

Start your online presence quickly and confidently. Fast, simple, and efficient, you just need to choose the right name, and we'll take care of the rest.

Starting at 119 DH/year

Which business email solution in Morocco should I choose?

There are a number of options for business e-mail services in Morocco. Among the most popular is Menara webmail from incumbent telecoms provider IAM, with features such as synchronization with third-party applications like Gmail.

The latter is also among the most popular business email offerings in Morocco under the name of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). This solution is based on the Gmail platform, offering a user-friendly and easy-to-use webmail interface. It also offers advanced features for message management, storage, and online collaboration. Suitable for businesses that require a high level of collaboration, its clients can choose from different packages based on their storage space, number of email accounts, etc.

Just as popular as Google Workspace is Microsoft 365, which in turn is aimed at businesses of all sizes that need a full range of message management tools, including online collaboration, file sharing and calendar management features.

Apart from these three options, there are also several other business email offerings available in Morocco, including those developed byemail hosting service providers such as Nindomail by Nindohost. This solution is suitable for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to organize their professional exchanges and offers a range of business email services to meet their specific needs, including storage space, message management capabilities, online collaboration, backup, and customer support.

Based on your specific needs, you should be able to find a business email offer in Morocco that best suits your business. It is recommended to compare the different offers in terms of the added value they provide, including storage capacity, security, and price to choose the one that best meets your needs.

Your business email in Morocco at the best price with Nindohost

Nindohost offers business email services in Morocco at competitive prices. With our premium webmail solution, Nindomail, you can efficiently manage your messages and storage space. We offer service plans tailored to the needs of each customer, with customized features for an optimal user experience.

Order our business email service to allow access to a high-quality email server, as well as scalable storage space for your inbox. We also guarantee free transfer of your email data and files to ensure continuity of your online activity in case you want to migrate your business emails to us.

Our plans include advanced management features, whether with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, or Nindomail. You can customize your inbox according to your preferences and manage your business emails in Morocco from any device connected to the internet.

Order your business email package with a personalized domain and unlimited accounts for your company. Included in the service: a secure server and SSL certificates, email transfers, mobile synchronization, unlimited contacts, and quality technical support.

At Nindohost, we are committed to offering our clients top-quality business email services at competitive prices. Contact us now to learn more about our packages and how we can help you manage your online business effectively.

Business Email FAQ

Yes. All our email solutions are compatible with Android and Apple smartphones. Setting up your email account on your smartphone takes just a few clicks and allows you to receive and send emails at any time.

Yes, and it's included in all our business email plans. Whether it's Nindomail, Google Workspace, or Microsoft 365, your incoming and outgoing emails will be scanned by a multi-layered protection system that will protect you and your contacts from spam, viruses, phishing, and malware.

Yes, switching from one business email system to another is entirely possible. Our team of advisors will assist you and guide you through the steps to follow for a smooth and transparent transition.

We handle the migration of your emails to us for free, without interruption of service and without data loss. Our team will coordinate with you to plan the migration and switch your email to our system.

Yes, for all our business email systems, we give you the option to order additional accounts directly from your customer area. Upgrading your licenses is done automatically after payment of your order.

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