15 online business ideas you can start now

Can you become an entrepreneur without owning a physical business, with premises and rent bills, electricity, employees, etc.? The idea of having an online business seemed imaginary just a few years ago.

With the democratization of Internet access and the ease of online money transactions, it is now easier for almost anyone to offer a service or sell a product without leaving their chair at home. It's also much easier to receive online payments securely.

At Nindohost, our core business is to provide you with web hosting and domain names at very competitive prices. But we don't stop there! We'd love to help you come up with online business ideas that will enable you to make money on the side.

Online business ideas that work

Our online business ideas will work for you on one condition: that you have the right skills to get started.

Fortunately, when it comes to skills, there are two obvious scenarios:

  • Either you already have a talent that you can develop into a real skill;
  • Or you have the motivation and intelligence to learn new ones.

In both cases, it's not enough to have a few online business ideas: you'll need to train yourself to master the activities you'll be carrying out using a computer connected to the Internet.

Below, we will present about fifteen online business ideas in which you will undoubtedly find yourself.

1. Hosting and domain name reseller

Here's a first service you can quickly set up. Initially, all you need to do is find a good domain name/brand for your activity and choose a reseller hosting package that suits you best to start.

However, you'll also need to have a good marketing mindset, as your task will be to convince clients to purchase their future websites from you.

Nindohost guarantees 24/7 quality service that will enable you to focus on your goal: attracting clients.

Our Reseller hosting offer gives you access to a management space called WHM, which lets you create customized formulas and host multiple sites on multiple cPanel accounts. You'll be able to create "white label" accounts, with total control over your customers' access, without having to worry about technical configuration, security or maintenance.  

This is an ideal setup for web design agencies or businesses looking to offer hosting services to their clients. 

2. Web developer or designer

Since we're talking about hosting and domain names, here's one of the online business ideas that you could also implement. Web design is no longer as difficult as it once was. 

Nowadays, even the most novice user can create a website without necessarily having knowledge of programming languages or code. The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) concept allows everyone to arrange web page content through simple drag-and-drop actions.

With the popular WordPress, one of the most well-known CMS (Content Management System) platforms, designing a website has become child's play! And when we say "play," it means it's a genuinely enjoyable activity that many people take pleasure in doing.

  • WordPress will power 35% of the internet by 2020.
  • Of all the websites built with CMS, about 60% are WordPress sites
  • Nearly 28% of all e-commerce goes through WooCommerce on WordPress.
  • An average of 281 new WooCommerce stores appear each day.
  • 661 WordPress sites are launched every day.

So what are you waiting for? We've got a WordPress hosting package to suit every taste! What's more, WordPress is pre-installed, so all you have to do is complete your installation in just a few clicks, with peace of mind.

3. Virtual assistant

Certainly, one of the oldest online business ideas. 

Companies and individuals have always (and often) needed extra help to manage their emails, draft template responses to various inquiries, use social media, and keep daily schedules. A virtual assistant is a person who can fulfill these tasks and support them remotely from their home, without physically going to the workplace.

Unlike an office assistant who only performs administrative and office tasks, a virtual assistant will cover these traditional tasks while offering a range of other services, from content creation to website or project management. In the role of a virtual assistant, there's plenty of room for creativity and personal fulfillment, allowing you to add or modify your services based on your availability, client demand, or your interests. 

You can also choose your clients and your industry. Today, you can take advantage of numerous online tools, from file sharing to virtual calendars, to help you carry out most assistant tasks without significant upfront investment. 

4. Remote technical assistant

Sometimes a small business needs to outsource technical support due to budgetary constraints or space limitations. If you have a strong background in IT and enjoy working from home, you can set up a paid technical support service for your local businesses. 

Besides generating a good source of income, remote technical support is an excellent idea among other online business ideas. In fact, it can even be managed using just a mobile device!

5. Blogger

Let's start with creative writing. The fastest way, in our opinion, to become a web writer is to write for yourself! 

Yes, you could run a personal blog where you talk about a subject close to your heart: you will create great content while having fun!

Yes, but will it be profitable for me? You might ask…

Your ultimate daily goal will be to bring as many visitors as possible to your website. Many visitors mean a lot of web traffic and thus good rankings with Google and other search engines. 

Later, you could monetize your blog writing activity as you see fit!

We'll explain a little more about this further down in the article. Scroll down! 

6. Web Editor

After your studies, regardless of the level you've reached, one thing is certain: you know how to read and write! Why not put these two basic skills to good use?

With self-training and practice, you can transform yourself into a web writer. For many, this writing exercise may seem daunting, but the good news is that there are as many writing fields as there are online business ideas. 

7. Copywriting for marketing

A copywriter is someone who writes engaging text or "copy" for marketing or advertising purposes to reinforce a client's message or brand. A good copy is meant to motivate readers to take action. Those who share a passion for creating clear, quality content know that mastering writing requires a lot of practice and skill. 

Start by searching the web for writing job listings. Numerous new opportunities arise daily. A freelance writer can determine their rate per hour or per word count. The pay rate can also increase based on your experience. 

Small businesses looking to expand their online audience need quality online content and would benefit greatly from the services of a skilled writer. A diverse writing portfolio, covering different types of content, will help you attract a wider range of clients.  

8. Technical writing

There are situations where content needs to be more technical than creative. Think about the importance of manuals at certain times in our lives, like when we need to assemble an Ikea shelf or when we start a new medication. A technical writer deals with this type of work with clarity and eloquence.

Once you have decided which industry to pursue – health, engineering, or technology – it will be easier to focus on building your specialization.  

Potential clients for technical writers can be pharmaceutical companies and businesses. 

9. Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Resume and cover letter writing is in high demand. Although the typical word count for a professional resume or cover letter doesn't exceed 400 words, the work of a resume and cover letter writer is crucial and highly impactful.

Your target audience is any individual looking for a job, meaning you will work with an unlimited number of clients. Make sure to provide potential clients with examples of successful writing you have done in the past or share links to CV websites you have created. This allows you to showcase your skills and industry-specific jargon for any market or niche. 

10. Affiliate marketing

If you have built a significant online audience who follows your activities and believes in your opinion on your favorite topic, here's how you can monetize your content (blog/website). 

In this sense, you would team up with a company to market its products or services by recommending or sharing them with your fans. You would then be an affiliate who earns a commission whenever they convert one of their followers into purchasing the brand's products through a unique referral link, called an affiliate link. 

There are a number of affiliate marketing platforms that provide the link between companies and affiliates. However, we advise you to choose products that are interesting for you and your audience. Remember, your audience trusts you.

There are various ways to promote affiliate products to your readers without appearing as a spammer. One method is to try incorporating product recommendations into a blog post, tutorial, or video using relevant and engaging content. Be creative and think of new ways to adapt your marketing strategy for maximum benefit. 

11. E-book Author (Information Products)

While few authors manage to be published during their lifetime, many new authors are already making their debut in the e-book field thanks to the growth of the digital book market. This is another way to capitalize on all those years of study spent in school.

Self-publishing your book has never been more affordable and effective. Several options, including Apple Books, Smashwords, and Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, will assist you with post-production aspects of distribution and sales.

Consider investing in an editor or proofreader and an illustrator to make your book more marketable. As a writer, entering the category of e-book authors is one of the online business ideas that could help you succeed in your field.  

12. Online seller

With the advent of online payment and home delivery services, shopping habits have evolved significantly. Therefore, merchants had to evolve as well. E-commerce emerged from this new virtual market dynamic, where financial transactions occur daily.

You could also decide to become an online merchant, selling various products and services in different ways:

13. E-commerce Online Store

Creating an online store offers many advantages. Running an e-commerce site allows you to control all aspects of your business, from secure online payment acceptance to order fulfillment management, advanced marketing tools, and an optimized shopping experience. 

With so many business possibilities, all you need to do is decide what you want to sell since choosing the right products for your online store will be at the core of your business. When selecting products to sell, let your skills and experience guide you. You can confirm your choice by conducting in-depth market research. 

Knowing how to start an online business in your niche market means listening to your customers. On your website, it's important to maintain clear communication with your customers through live chat, forums, email marketing, etc. 

Online business ideas

14. DropShipping store

Some business owners like the idea of managing an online store but don't want or have the ability to store inventory. In this case, there's another solution to start a business on a limited budget: dropshipping.

Dropshipping, when done right, has numerous advantages. You can sell products on an online store without having to manage your own inventory. Your online store only serves to take orders from your customers. These orders are then forwarded by you to a third-party retailer (your supplier), who takes care of delivering the product to your customers. This way, you avoid the risk of stocking up on costly products or finding out that your inventory items are no longer marketable. 

Dropshipping, when done right, has many benefits:

  • With dropshipping, you don't have to visit a warehouse or another physical location for your inventory.
  • You can manage your dropshipping business from anywhere; all you need is an internet connection.
  • You have the opportunity to expand your product offerings since you won't be limited to what's in an inventory. 
  • You can adjust your merchandise by experimenting and testing, allowing you to keep your offerings in line with the latest trends.

15. Selling Handmade Products Online

What if you sold products you made yourself? 

Selling handmade items is one of the trending online business ideas for quite some time now. 

There is a specific clientele looking for authentic and unique products. There is even a category of buyers seeking to support artisans by purchasing their creations, even at a high price.

If you want to venture into this type of business, we recommend setting up your workshop at home and buying your materials in bulk. This will help optimize your costs and maximize your profits. 

You can choose to create your own online store using services that allow you to set up e-commerce sites with just a few clicks, like Shopify, PrestaShop, or WordPress.

You could sell your products on marketplaces like eBay, Amazon Handmade, Etsy, or even on Instagram.

More Online Business Ideas

We've mentioned several profitable online business ideas, but there are still more, and you should seriously consider learning new skills. We will soon be back with another list of interesting online business ideas.

Now more than ever, it's relatively easy to start a business from home with minimal financial investment. 

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