Low budget website in 2021: A small guide for Moroccan entrepreneurs

You decided to create a low-budget website in 2021, perhaps because you can't afford a website costing 10,000 dirhams or more! In fact, this is not the only reason a Moroccan entrepreneur might choose an affordable website. It's essential to optimize resources, especially in the current times!

Speaking of circumstances, even though last year was quite challenging for most entrepreneurs worldwide (due to the Covid-19 pandemic), life goes on, and we all still have the right to launch successful businesses!

So, is it possible to launch a low-budget website without making compromises? In this article, we share some tips that will undoubtedly be of great help to you.

But, before going further, if you're a young entrepreneur who needs to launch a "decent" website, two things are inevitable:

  • you can't get a 100% free website!
  • you will spend a minimum budget as a first investment.

A low-budget website, is it possible?

It's indeed possible, but be aware that you'll start small and spend more later. This approach will allow you to limit potential losses, both financially and professionally.  

Moreover, a website is not a temporary project. It's an investment that requires ongoing budgeting. In clearer terms: it's easy to launch a low-budget website in 2021, but it will be more challenging to keep it alive! However, rest assured: if you already have a good grasp of your business, you'll be able to finance your website from the earnings generated through its use.

4 scenarios for creating a website in general

To create a website, there are four main options available to you:

  • With a website builder tool (standalone or included with a web hosting provider) 
  • With the famous WordPress CMS platform
  • With another CMS platform like Magento, Drupal, Joomla, etc.
  • Lastly, you may decide to hire a web designer. However, this is not the most cost-effective solution, so we won't cover it here! 

3 questions to ask yourself before starting...

To successfully create a low-budget website in 2021, following best practices, you must ask yourself these three essential questions:

What is your current budget?

This budget must necessarily cover both the initial design and setup costs of your website and all ongoing operational costs to manage and maintain it. The more "honest" you are in this regard, the more prepared and able to spend what is necessary. 

Who will take care of the website?

Here's a crucial question. If you don't have the right profile to manage the technical aspects of your website yourself, a website builder is an excellent choice. However, if you want full control of your website and prefer a hands-on approach, WordPress or another CMS (Content Management System) is a wiser option.

What features do I need (absolutely) right now?

Take the example of a small online store. The least you need is a reliable online payment functionality that ensures you receive payments from your future customers.

For another example, if you need to collect contact information from your clients (email addresses, phone numbers, etc.), you'll need to have the right solution to achieve this.  

If you have realistic answers to these questions, you're off to a good start!

Use a website builder to create a low-budget website in 2021

This solution is suitable if you are a Moroccan entrepreneur who:

  • Consider themselves a beginner in the web domain;
  • simply wish to create their own online showcase website or portfolio.

A website builder or Site Builder is indeed a very interesting option in this regard. Let's take the example of the NindoBuilder solution.

The NindoBuilder website creation tool allows any future entrepreneur, even those with no experience in web technology, to:

  • build everything on their own
  • easily create like a pro
  • be creative with your designs
  • be present on all devices
  • follow its progress closely
  • stay visible everywhere
  • modify its content in all languages
  • communicate around its identity

There are also free website builders. 

However, one should be cautious of the enticing free plans offered by some website builders. Be sure that you will encounter numerous limitations, such as intrusive external advertisements, a domain name you cannot customize (meaning it includes the name of the website builder), and basic customer support.

In truth, if you want to create a website that your prospects will want to visit, it's better to spend a little money each month to keep it professional and serious. 

Using WordPress to Create a Low-Budget Website in 2021

Since WordPress now powers 39.3% of the top ten million websites, it's no surprise that bloggers with basic technical knowledge, small and medium-sized businesses, and large corporations prefer this open-source CMS platform for their websites. 

All shared hosting plans at Nindohost include a pre-installed version of WordPress, ready to use. 

You also have cPanel hosting from which you can put your website online in just a few clicks using the control panel. 

WordPress offers much more creative freedom thanks to the variety of free plugins and themes available to you. You also have the option to choose paid versions of these themes and plugins. 

Using an Alternative CMS to Create a Low-Budget Website in 2021

A Content Management System (CMS) is, by definition, a platform that allows you to build your website without needing to understand HTML code, CSS, or other programming languages. It provides you with everything you need to create and manage your online presence, without any design skills. 

In this regard, it's important to know that WordPress is not the only CMS on the market. It has counterparts (and competitors it far surpasses!) that offer the same features or even more in some cases. 

Yes, but how do you choose? Choosing a CMS other than WordPress should match the type of website you want to create. If you choose a CMS that doesn't quite fit, you may encounter difficulties later.

We briefly present three CMS solutions, depending on your needs:


Considered one of the most technically advanced CMSs, Drupal is perfect for those of you who have some developer experience and more complex website projects. Thanks to its sophisticated data structure, Drupal is more sought after by educational institutions, non-profit organizations, global businesses, and government websites.


Here is another popular free CMS that allows you to create highly customized websites and online applications. It is a wise choice if you need to create a complicated website or a custom site. Like Drupal, it is not very easy to navigate. 


On the other hand, if you are considering creating a complex e-commerce store, look no further than Magento. While WordPress is more user-friendly for those of you just starting your first online store, Magento is very stable and flexible for enterprise e-commerce websites. This is particularly the case if you need a lot of customization, such as managing multiple stores, generating reports, mobile e-commerce, and more. 

Installing these CMSs is quite different from WordPress because it involves more steps and clicks and can be more delicate. However, the good news is that these solutions are also pre-installed on NindoHost hosting.

Closing thoughts

At the end of this article, we have presented different options for creating a low-budget website in 2021. We hope you now have a better idea of which one suits you best, given your budget. 

Remember that creating and maintaining a website is not a one-time action, but an ongoing process. It is, therefore, an inevitable investment that requires careful consideration beforehand. Launching your website doesn't necessarily have to be expensive; you just need to follow the advice mentioned above and make the right decision.

If you have any tips to share on how to start a low-budget website in 2021, please feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

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