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Unleash your creativity, challenge the limits of innovation and benefit from our optimized web hosting infrastructure to get the most out of your NextJS application.

NextJS hosting: performance à la carte
Thanks to our personalized approach, you'll benefit from a hosting environment perfectly tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're a seasoned developer or a passionate designer, our NextJS hosting is the ideal place to bring your boldest ideas to life. Indeed, Nindohost NextJS hosting is designed to meet your specific web development needs, thanks to our approach based on customized solutions precisely optimized to host your NextJS projects.


Optimized, secure NextJS hosting packages
Discover our NextJS hosting packages, optimized for unrivalled performance and uncompromising stability.

Specialized, tool-rich hosting (SSD storage on LiteSpeed server, LSCache) to support your e-growth on one of the most popular CMS; Woocommerce

Starting at 499 DH/year

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Web hosting

Powerful, scalable cloud hosting for your Woocommerce site, without the technical hassle for abundant resources and optimal growth

Starting at 399 DH/month

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Control, flexibility and scalability at unbeatable prices: this is the motto of our VPSs, which promise instant activation and an intuitive, powerful and fully customizable cPanel.

Starting at 149 DH/month

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Versatile and adapted to e-commerce sites, our dedicated servers allow hyper-fast deployment and pre-configuration to host your Woocommerce site in less than two hours.

Starting at 699 DH/month

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Included in all NextJS hosting packages

Free domain name and additional subdomains

Whatever your hosting plan, it's bound to include one or more domains. The good news is that your first ".MA" or ".com" is always FREE!

Our hosting plans also include subdomains to separate your projects and simplify access to different sections.

Free SSL Certificates

Your site will be safe from the start with your FREE SSL Certificate (HTTPS)!

Your visitors will feel secure on your website, and you'll also see improved SEO rankings!

Killing two birds with one stone, all for Free!

Optimized for NextJS

Because we're always on horseback to provide you with the best services on the market, our hosting packages all include uncompromising performance solutions, specially optimized for NextJS.

Experience unparalleled satisfaction and exceed the expectations of both your visitors and customers with our exceptional hosting services!

Free LiteSpeed server

How about a free 4-in-1 solution?

  1. Considerably increases your web hosting
  2. Significantly strengthens security
  3. Significantly reduces your costs
  4. Improves your websites' SEO

It's the "LiteSpeed" web server solution used by the vast majority of our web hostings for FREE, just for you!

cPanel Control Panel

Your cPanel customer area is just beautiful! It includes direct management and redirection of your e-mail accounts. But that's not all! With your phpMyAdmin access, you also have access to ultra-advanced database management.

Over 250 pre-installed applications

Focus on building your website rather than spending time installing it!

Thanks to the automatic installation program, Softaculous, you can freely choose from the 250 most popular web applications (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.) to enhance your online presence.

Advantages of nEXTjs hosting with Nindohost

Why choose the NextJS framework?
Server-side rendering (SSR) and static generation (SSG)
NextJS offers a powerful combination of SSR and SSG, enabling fast page loading and SEO optimization for better online visibility.
Effortless client-side routing
Simplify your users' navigation with an intuitive client-side routing system, offering a fluid, responsive web experience.
Automatic performance optimization

Enjoy outstanding performance thanks to NextJS's automatic optimization features, such as progressive image loading and intelligent caching.

Easy to handle

With its clear syntax and simplicity, NextJS is accessible to developers of all levels, enabling a quick start-up without compromising on functionality.

Advanced customization

Enjoy unlimited customization with NextJS, thanks to its ability to be extended by plugins and specific configurations.

Large community and active support

By choosing NextJS, you join a dynamic community of developers and benefit from responsive technical support to help you succeed.

Advantages of nEXTjs hosting with Nindohost


Why choose Nindohost for your NextJS hosting?

Proven NextJS expertise

Our team of hosting experts has in-depth knowledge of NextJS, guaranteeing superior mastery of NextJS hosting.

High-performance infrastructure

Benefit from a state-of-the-art infrastructure optimized to deliver fast load times and an exceptional user experience for your NextJS applications.

Enhanced safety

We take your data security seriously. Nindohost implements advanced security protocols to protect your NextJS application from potential threats.

24/7 personalized assistance

We're here to help you at every stage of your NextJS project, offering you personalized, responsive support.

Limitless scalability

Our NextJS hosting adapts to your current and future needs, so you can grow your application with confidence.

Flexible hosting solutions

Nindohost offers flexible hosting solutions to meet the specific requirements of your NextJS project, guaranteeing a tailor-made experience.

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NextJS hosting FAQs

NextJS is a JavaScript framework based on ReactJS, designed to develop modern web applications with server-side rendering (SSR) and client-side rendering (CSR) capabilities. It offers a page-based approach, simplifying navigation and route management. NextJS is renowned for its high performance, scalability and ease of use, making it the preferred choice for interactive, responsive web projects.
Our NextJS hosting is ideal for developers of all levels and companies looking to deploy advanced web applications. Whether developing interactive applications, dynamic e-commerce sites, blogs or corporate portals, NextJS offers extreme versatility of use. With Nindohost, benefit from an infrastructure optimized to guarantee exceptional performance and a smooth user experience for your NextJS applications.
Absolutely! Our technical support team is available 24/7 to answer all your questions about NextJS hosting. Whether it's technical problems, specific configurations or advice on managing your application, we're here to help you at any time. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're committed to providing you with personalized, responsive support.
Setting up your NextJS project on our hosting is child's play! At Nindohost, we take care of pre-configuring our servers for NextJS, so you can get started quickly. Simply upload your files, install dependencies via npm and launch your NextJS application in just a few steps. Our user-friendly interface also gives you total control over your environment, allowing you to customize your hosting to your specific needs. You're all set to start developing without a care in the world!
Yes, NextJS is renowned for its ease of use. With its clear syntax and well-structured concepts, it's accessible to developers of all levels. Whether you're a beginner or experienced with ReactJS, NextJS offers a smooth learning curve. At Nindohost, we believe in technological accessibility, and our support team is always ready to guide you through your first steps with NextJS. With a solid foundation and advanced features, you'll quickly be able to create high-performance, interactive web applications with NextJS.

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Our experts are always there to assist you in better managing your online presence.