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laravel hosting for specialized use
Laravel hosting for specialized use

Every Laravel project is unique and requires a specific approach. And that's precisely why we offer Laravel hosting tailored to your specific needs. Whether it's a SaaS application, an e-commerce site or a management platform, our specialized hosting is there to support your ambitions.


Optimized, secure Laravel hosting packages

Our Laravel hosting packages are carefully designed to offer you optimum performance and first-rate security.

Specialized, tool-rich hosting (SSD storage on LiteSpeed server, LSCache) to support your Laravel installation

Starting at 499 DH/year

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Web hosting

Powerful, scalable cloud hosting for your Laravel installation, without the technical hassle for abundant resources and optimal growth

Starting at 399 DH/month

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Control, flexibility and scalability at unbeatable prices: this is the motto of our VPSs, which promise instant activation and an intuitive, powerful and fully customizable cPanel.

Starting at 149 DH/month

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Versatile and resilient, our dedicated servers enable hyper-fast deployment and pre-configuration to host your Laravel installation in less than two hours.

Starting at 699 DH/month

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Included in all our Laravel hosting packages

Free domain name and additional subdomains

Whatever your hosting plan, it's bound to include one or more domains. The good news is that your first ".MA" or ".com" is always FREE!

Our hosting plans also include subdomains to separate your projects and simplify access to different sections.

Free SSL Certificates

Your site will be safe from the start with your FREE SSL Certificate (HTTPS)!

Your visitors will feel secure on your website, and you'll also see improved SEO rankings!

Killing two birds with one stone, all for Free!

Optimized for WordPress

Because we are always committed to providing the best services in the market, our hosting plans all include high-performance solutions, specially optimized for WordPress.

Experience unparalleled satisfaction and exceed the expectations of both your visitors and customers with our exceptional hosting services!

Free LiteSpeed server

How about a free 4-in-1 solution?

  1. Considerably increases your web hosting
  2. Significantly strengthens security
  3. Significantly reduces your costs
  4. Improves your websites' SEO

It's the "LiteSpeed" web server solution used by the vast majority of our web hostings for FREE, just for you!

cPanel Control Panel

Your cPanel customer area is just beautiful! It includes direct management and redirection of your e-mail accounts. But that's not all! With your phpMyAdmin access, you also have access to ultra-advanced database management.

Over 250 pre-installed applications

Focus on building your website rather than spending time installing it!

Thanks to the automatic installation program, Softaculous, you can freely choose from the 250 most popular web applications (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.) to enhance your online presence.

Why choose the Laravel framework

Faster development

With the Laravel framework, you can dramatically speed up your web application development process. Thanks to its concise, expressive syntax, Laravel lets you write less code while accomplishing more. Built-in features such as the Eloquent ORM, fluid routing and simplified view management with Blade let you create complex functionality with remarkable efficiency. So you can reduce development time and get your applications online faster than ever.
faster development
organized, reusable code

Organized, reusable code

Laravel favors an organized, modular code structure, making it easy to reuse your components and business logic. Thanks to MVC architecture, you can clearly separate the different parts of your application, making your code more maintainable and extensible. Through the use of Eloquent models, controllers and views, you can efficiently reuse existing code, accelerating the development of new functionality and improving the quality of your application.

Evolving web applications

Laravel offers remarkable flexibility for evolving your web applications as they grow. With features such as database migrations, you can easily manage schema changes without disrupting the operation of your application. Laravel also features a powerful caching system that improves performance, as well as native support for scheduled tasks that allow you to automate recurring processes. These scalability capabilities enable you to meet the changing needs of your business without compromising the stability and performance of your application.

application development
error management

Error management

Laravel makes it easy to manage errors in your web applications. Thanks to its integrated error management system, you can capture, record and display detailed information on any errors that occur. This helps you to diagnose and resolve problems efficiently, improving the quality and reliability of your application. What's more, Laravel provides exception handling mechanisms that enable you to handle errors subtly and provide appropriate responses to users in the event of an exception situation.

Superior safety

Security is our top priority. Laravel is renowned for its robustness and advanced security mechanisms. With features such as built-in authentication, protection against XSS attacks and SQL injection, you can relax in the knowledge that your application is extremely well protected.

superior security

Advantages of laravel hosting with Nindohost

Why choose Nindohost for your Laravel hosting?
When you choose Nindohost for your Laravel hosting, you're opting for excellence and performance on a higher level.
Fast, high-performance Laravel hosting
Our highly optimized infrastructure guarantees outstanding performance for your Laravel application. With fast servers, first-rate network connectivity and intelligent resource management, we guarantee a smooth, responsive user experience.
Integrated preconfiguration
To make things easier for you, all our servers are preconfigured to host your Laravel application. No need to spend time configuring your environment, so you can get started quickly and concentrate on developing your application.
Secure hosting
Security is our top priority. We implement advanced security measures to protect your sensitive data. With firewalls, intrusion detection tools and robust encryption protocols, we guarantee the security of your Laravel application.
Superior infrastructure
We invest in state-of-the-art infrastructure to provide you with a superior hosting experience. Powerful servers, network redundancy and regular backup systems guarantee the availability and reliability of your Laravel application.
Specialized technical support
With our dedicated technical support team of Laravel hosting experts, we're always ready to answer your questions and quickly resolve any issues that may arise. We're committed to helping you get the most out of your Laravel hosting.
why choose laravel hosting at nindohost
why choose laravel hosting in morocco?

Why choose Laravel hosting in Morocco?

Choosing Laravel hosting in Morocco offers significant technical and practical advantages. With reduced latency, your Moroccan users will benefit from faster loading times. Multilingual technical support is available to quickly answer your questions and resolve any problems. What's more, by complying with local laws and regulations, your application will be compliant in terms of data confidentiality and security.

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Laravel hosting FAQ

Laravel is a powerful open source web development framework based on PHP. It offers an elegant MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture that makes it easy to organize and structure code. With its expressive syntax and rich functionality, Laravel simplifies the creation of robust, scalable web applications. Thanks to its object-oriented libraries, database management tools, advanced routing system and Blade template engine, Laravel stands out as one of the most popular and powerful frameworks for web development.

Laravel is chosen by many developers and companies for a number of reasons. Firstly, it offers increased productivity thanks to its elegant, concise code, enabling faster application development. Secondly, its simplified database management with Eloquent facilitates database interactions. What's more, Laravel offers advanced security with features such as authentication, protection against CSRF and XSS attacks, and error handling.

To host a Laravel project on shared hosting, follow these simple steps:


  1. Upload your Laravel project files to your Nindohost hosting package using FTP or an online file manager.
  2. Make sure that file and folder permissions are correctly configured so that Laravel can write to the necessary directories.
  3. Configure the .env file with database connection parameters and other hosting-specific settings.
  4. Set up an entry point (e.g. index.php) to redirect HTTP requests to the Laravel framework.
  5. Check that your dependencies are correctly installed via Composer by running "compose install" in your Laravel directory.
  6. Finally, test your project to make sure it works properly on your hosting.
Yes, Laravel is renowned for its ease of use, even for novice developers. Its expressive, consistent syntax means that code is clear and easy to understand. The framework is well documented and has a large, active community of developers who share knowledge and resources. Thanks to these resources and Laravel's progressive learning curve, developers can quickly master the framework's key concepts and start creating high-quality web applications.

On your Nindohost hosting server, installing Laravel is quick and easy with our one-click application auto-installer. We've taken care to pre-configure and optimize Laravel for each hosting package, guaranteeing you an optimal Laravel hosting experience. Enjoy the convenience of our platform and get the best Laravel hosting for your projects.

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