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Do you have a particular preference for Angular hosting? Discover our hosting packages specially designed to meet your Angular framework development needs.
Angular hosting to suit you

Our Angular hosting solutions are fully customized to meet your specific development needs. They're simply bespoke hosting, and when we say "bespoke", we mean it! In fact, you can choose which version of Angular you'd like to use, and our technical team will support you in integrating specific dependencies. We offer flexible deployment options, as well as a customized routing system to meet your requirements.


Optimized, secure Angular hosting packages
Our Angular hosting packages are carefully designed to meet the performance and security requirements of your applications.

Specialized, tool-rich hosting (SSD storage on LiteSpeed server, LSCache) to support your e-growth on one of the most popular CMS; Woocommerce

Starting at 499 DH/year

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Web hosting

Powerful, scalable cloud hosting for your Woocommerce site, without the technical hassle for abundant resources and optimal growth

Starting at 399 DH/month

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Control, flexibility and scalability at unbeatable prices: this is the motto of our VPSs, which promise instant activation and an intuitive, powerful and fully customizable cPanel.

Starting at 149 DH/month

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Versatile and adapted to e-commerce sites, our dedicated servers allow hyper-fast deployment and pre-configuration to host your Woocommerce site in less than two hours.

Starting at 699 DH/month

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Included in all our Angular hosting packages

Free domain name and additional subdomains

Whatever your hosting plan, it's bound to include one or more domains. The good news is that your first ".MA" or ".com" is always FREE!

Our hosting plans also include subdomains to separate your projects and simplify access to different sections.

Free SSL Certificates

Your site will be safe from the start with your FREE SSL Certificate (HTTPS)!

Your visitors will feel secure on your website, and you'll also see improved SEO rankings!

Killing two birds with one stone, all for Free!

Optimized for Angular

Because we're always on horseback to provide you with the best services on the market, our hosting packages all include uncompromisingly high-performance solutions, specially optimized for Angular.

Experience unparalleled satisfaction and exceed the expectations of both your visitors and customers with our exceptional hosting services!

Free LiteSpeed server

How about a free 4-in-1 solution?

  1. Considerably increases your web hosting
  2. Significantly strengthens security
  3. Significantly reduces your costs
  4. Improves your websites' SEO

It's the "LiteSpeed" web server solution used by the vast majority of our web hostings for FREE, just for you!

cPanel Control Panel

Your cPanel customer area is just beautiful! It includes direct management and redirection of your e-mail accounts. But that's not all! With your phpMyAdmin access, you also have access to ultra-advanced database management.

Over 250 pre-installed applications

Focus on building your website rather than spending time installing it!

Thanks to the automatic installation program, Softaculous, you can freely choose from the 250 most popular web applications (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.) to enhance your online presence.

Advantages of angular hosting at Nindohost

Why choose the Angular framework?
Feature-rich library
Angular offers a complete range of tools and functionalities for creating sophisticated web applications, from directives to animations and form management.
Component-based architecture
Thanks to its component-based architecture, Angular facilitates code reuse and the modular management of your applications.
TypeScript for robustness
With TypeScript, Angular brings static typing to JavaScript development, ensuring better maintainability and fewer errors.
Active support and a large community
Angular is backed by Google and benefits from a large community of developers, guaranteeing ongoing support and numerous learning resources.
Server-side rendering (Angular Universal)
Angular Universal enables server-side rendering (SSR), improving referencing and initial application performance.
Advanced routing system
Angular offers a powerful routing system that makes it easy to navigate between application views without reloading the entire page.


Why choose Nindohost for your Angular hosting?

Angular expertise

Our team understands the subtleties of Angular and can help you get the most out of this powerful framework.

Optimized performance

We optimize our servers specifically for Angular applications, guaranteeing fast loading times and a smooth user experience.

Intensified safety

We take security seriously and implement advanced measures to protect your applications and your users' data.

24/7 support

Our support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist you whenever you need it, giving you total peace of mind.

Regular updates

We're committed to keeping our infrastructure up to date with the latest versions of Angular, so you can always benefit from the latest features.

Flexible hosting

Our hosting packages are flexible and customizable to meet the specific needs of each Angular project.

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Angular hosting FAQ

Angular is a powerful web application development framework developed and maintained by Google. It enables the creation of modern, interactive and responsive client-side web applications. Thanks to its component-based architecture and integration with TypeScript, Angular provides a solid foundation for developing scalable, maintainable applications.
Our Angular hosting is ideal for all developers and businesses wishing to deploy web applications based on the Angular framework. Whether you're an independent developer, an innovative startup or an established enterprise, our Angular hosting offers you the optimum performance and enhanced security required to meet your application needs.
Absolutely! Our technical support team is made up of Angular experts, ready to help you with all your application hosting questions. Whether you need help configuring your routing settings, optimizing performance or managing specific dependencies, we're here to support you every step of the way.
With Nindohost, we make setting up your Angular project quick and easy. Thanks to our preconfigured servers for Angular, you can deploy your application in just a few easy steps. Use the Angular Command Line Interface (Angular CLI) to compile your project into a production version, then upload the resulting files to your hosting. Our technical teams are available to guide you through this process if necessary, so you can get started quickly.
Although Angular offers great power and advanced features, it may require some initial learning time for new developers. However, with our expert Angular technical support and an active community of developers, you'll be well-supported on your learning journey. Once you've mastered the key concepts, you'll find that Angular enables you to develop applications efficiently and leverage them to create rich, interactive web experiences.

Need help? 24/7 Support

Our experts are always there to assist you in better managing your online presence.