Domain name extensions list

Extension Registration Transfer Whois Protect
.actor 429DH 429DH True
.audio 149DH 149DH True
.band 299DH 299DH True
.design 499DH 499DH True
.digital 399DH 399DH True
.events 399DH 399DH True
.gallery 299DH 299DH True
.graphics 299DH 299DH True
.hiphop 249DH 249DH False
.photo 399DH 399DH False
.photography 299DH 299DH True
.photos 299DH 299DH True
.pics 299DH 299DH False
.productions 399DH 399DH True
.pub 399DH 399DH True
.webcam 399DH 399DH True
.dance 299DH 299DH True

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Why register multiple extensions?

Registering multiple extensions to your name will protect your brand name from being used by third parties. This can harm your image as well as your business. Without forgetting to create redirections to your main domain, you optimize the chances of winning all the leads that are looking for you with different extensions.

Is identity protection available for all extensions?

Identity protection is available for all general extensions. Local extensions (ccTLD) can’t use identity protection.

What is the difference between a .com and a country-level domain?

If you are aiming for international, it is more appropriate to use a .com extension with few restrictions in the choice of domain names. The ccTLD extensions are rather domains with a national target but remain accessible internationally. By registering a country-related domain you must comply with the local authorities’ terms and conditions.

Why do prices change from one extension to another?

Each TLD belongs to a different Registrar, the diversity of Registrars leads to the diversity of prices from one TLD to another.

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