Why SpamExperts anti-spam?

Secure your email from spam, viruses, ransomware, phishing, and malware. Incoming emails are processed and filtered in the cloud before they reach your server.

SpamExperts uses advanced AI technology to eliminate spam before it even reaches your inbox.

Thanks to a continuously updated database, SpamExperts immediately detects new attack patterns and identifies malicious emails.

Protect your email
249DH HT/year
  • License for 1 domain name
  • Incoming email protection
  • Instant activation

20 Protective layers for a safe inbox

  • 1Domain verification
  • 2Denial of Service
  • 3Flow control
  • 4IP Analysis
  • 5Recipient Verification
  • 6Authentication
  • 7Virus Scanning
  • 8Customized rules
  • 9Fingerprint analysis
  • 10Intent analysis
  • 11Image analysis
  • 12Bayesian analysis
  • 13Determining the score
  • 14SPF verification
  • 15DKIM verification
  • 16Reputation analysis
  • 17Content analysis
  • 18Keyword analysis
  • 19Attachment Analysis
  • 20RBL check

Why choose our anti-spam solution for your email?

SaaS solution

Our advanced anti-spam system filters your emails before they reach your inbox. Suspicious emails are automatically blocked to guarantee you a 100% clean inbox.

Protection against all types of spam and viruses

Our solution combines several protection solutions such as anti-scam, anti-layout, anti-phishing, anti-advertising, and protection against DDoS attacks. You will only receive legitimate emails in your inbox.

Very high availability

None of your emails will be lost in case of non-availability of your site. All your emails are kept on our system and will be delivered to you with the correct sending time as soon as the service is restored.

Unavoidable reliability

Don’t risk losing your emails with protection systems that may consider important messages as spam. Our system only rejects real spam and does not record any cases of false positives.

Seamless integration

Our technical team takes care of setting up the anti-spam for your domain in less than 15 minutes. The integration is completely transparent and will not cause any service interruption.

Simplified management

In order to better customize the protection system, we offer you a free management interface to apply all your rules and view all transactions. You can also block specific addresses.

Maximum compatibility

Our anti-spam system is compatible with all mail servers including the best-known ones like Exchange, Zimbra, Postfix, Exim, qmail. It also integrates seamlessly with all your email software.

Updates and support

We take care of updating the protection system as well as providing support to answer your questions and help you apply all your rules. We regularly develop new features.

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Do I need to configure the service to activate my spam protection?

Certainly your anti-spam must be configured to turn it on. It is necessary to designate the protection filter to protect you from unwanted emails. Our service puts everything in place to ensure your security.

If my outgoing mail is considered spam, will it block my mail?

If your customers don’t receive your emails and leave as spam it won’t block your email. Report the incident to us to verify the source of the problem. We will get you back on track as soon as possible.

What should I do if an email goes to spam by mistake?

Allow the message to be delivered to your inbox. Report the case to us for a filter adjustment/check.

What is a filter adjustment?

Depending on the reported case, the spam filter’s rule is relaxed to be more tolerant towards a specific sender or format if an email is spam or becomes stricter if spam reaches the inbox.

I don’t receive any email, is it due to the anti-spam?

The anti-spam does not block all emails, it considers suspicious emails that match the predefined rule on the filter. The non-receipt is therefore due to another reason such as a bad redirection of your emails.
We always advise you to report such cases to our support team who is always available to conduct a global analysis and fix it.

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